Hiroki Sanada

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A motion planning method that allows humanoid robots to pass under obstacles is developed. From experimental analyses of human motions, we find a new category of the motion: a human turns sideways and passes under an obstacle. In order to realize this kind motion with humanoid robot HRP- 2, statically stable and geometrically possible initial and goal(More)
A motion planning method for humanoid robots to pass under obstacles is proposed. The proposed motion planner can calculate a goal configuration and connect it with an initial configuration in a collision-free dynamically stable motion. The method can generate not only a body motion but also the footstep sequence. The effectiveness of the proposed method(More)
This paper presents a novel design method of digital-digital sequence (DDS) for code-diversity systems in direct sequence / code division multiple access (DS/CDMA). In the DDS, both the branch sequences and the composite sequence can be constructed from digital signal, then, the code-diversity can be realized easily. To suppress interference effectively,(More)
We have performed the clinical evaluations of preoperative induction chemoradiotherapy (CRTx) for 25 patients with non small-cell lung cancer (male: 19, female: 6, mean age: 66.4-year-old). The clinical stages of these patients were IIA: 1, IIB: 7, IIIA: 14, and IIIB: 3, respectively. In the histological type of lung cancer, there were 12 patients of(More)
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