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A motion planning method that allows humanoid robots to pass under obstacles is developed. From experimental analyses of human motions, we find a new category of the motion: a human turns sideways and passes under an obstacle. In order to realize this kind motion with humanoid robot HRP- 2, statically stable and geometrically possible initial and goal(More)
A motion planning method for humanoid robots to pass under obstacles is proposed. The proposed motion planner can calculate a goal configuration and connect it with an initial configuration in a collision-free dynamically stable motion. The method can generate not only a body motion but also the footstep sequence. The effectiveness of the proposed method(More)
Destined to the visually impaired, Robotic Travel Aid (RoTA) acts as an intelligent cart, guiding people across the streets. The 60 Kg, one-meter tall mobile robot is equipped with computer vision system, stereo camera sensor and voice interface. When moving, it is aware of its environment: It recognizes landmarks such as zebra crossing marks or traffic(More)
This paper presents a novel design method of digital-digital sequence (DDS) for code-diversity systems in direct sequence / code division multiple access (DS/CDMA). In the DDS, both the branch sequences and the composite sequence can be constructed from digital signal, then, the code-diversity can be realized easily. To suppress interference effectively,(More)
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