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Low loss IGBT with Partially Narrow Mesa Structure (PNM-IGBT)
A PNM (Partially Narrow Mesa) -IGBT with a fundamentally new surface is proposed for the first time. The unique gate shape looks like a “vase” and generates an extreme injection enhancement. ItsExpand
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Injection control technique for high speed switching with a double gate PNM-IGBT
We proposed a PNM-IGBT [1] that can realize performance close to the theoretical limit shown by Nakagawa, et, al [2, 3]. In that work, we confirmed PNM-IGBT can achieve a very low saturation voltageExpand
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Challenges to the silicon IGBT limit with PNM structure
A PNM (Partially Narrow Mesa) structure is proposed as a fundamentally new IGBT surface [1]. It is one of the best solutions to approach the silicon IGBT limit performance. It performs the brilliantExpand