Hiroki Sakagami

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This study was conducted to evaluate the performance of Sugi lamina impregnated with low-molecular weight phenolic (LMWP) resin using the full cell process followed by curing at high temperature. In this study, penetration of LMWP resin into finger-jointed lamina was examined. Physical and mechanical properties, such as surface hardness, dimensional(More)
The mechanism of differentiation of tracheid (earlywood or latewood) should be elucidated to improve the wood properties of sugi trees (Cryptomeria japonica). Water deficit affects tracheid differentiation in conifers. However, the signals, which transmit the information of water contents in the soil to the differentiating tracheid, remain unknown. Plant(More)
Using one of the world most powerful laser facility, we demonstrate for the first time that high-contrast multi-picosecond pulses are advantageous for proton acceleration. By extending the pulse duration from 1.5 to 6 ps with fixed laser intensity of 1018 W cm-2, the maximum proton energy is improved more than twice (from 13 to 33 MeV). At the same time,(More)
The Japan Wood Research Society (JWRS) takes great pleasure in inviting all members of our society with an interest in the science and technology of wood to attend the 63rd Annual Meeting of the JWRS that will be held from March 27 to 29, 2013, Morioka city, Iwate, Japan. The society members may make oral and poster presentations during the meeting. The(More)
In this study, we examined past growth traits of hinoki (Chamaecyparis obtusa) trees by stem analysis, as well as growth traits in the years when the rings at breast height were formed. We tried to clarify the effects of growth traits in the ring-formed years on the wood properties of the rings from juvenile to mature wood. Height to diameter ratio (H/D)(More)
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