Hiroki Okuno

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Photoluminescence (PL) and time-resolved PL experiments as a function of the elaboration process are performed on Er-doped silicon-rich silicon oxide (SRO:Er) thin films grown under NH(3) atmosphere. These PL measurements of the Er(3+) emission at 1.54 microm under non-resonant pumping with the Er f-f transitions are obtained for different Er(3+)(More)
The spin-orbit coupling relating the electron spin and momentum allows for spin generation, detection and manipulation. It thus fulfils the three basic functions of the spin field-effect transistor. However, the spin Hall effect in bulk germanium is too weak to produce spin currents, whereas large Rashba effect at Ge(111) surfaces covered with heavy metals(More)
A large enhancement of the magnetic anisotropy of Ni nanowires (NWs) embedded in anodic aluminium oxide porous membranes is obtained as a result of an induced magnetoelastic (ME) anisotropy contribution. This unusual large anisotropy enhancement depends on the diameter of the NWs and exceeds the magnetostatic (MS) contribution. As a consequence, it leads to(More)
Improvability of particle separation by means of fine dE/dX sampling brings forth an idea of central tracking detector with particle identification capability in the colliding beam experiment. Ludlam et al. 1 (hereafter referred as BNL measurement) at the first time reported their test results on the dE/dX measurement with the sub-mm sampling intervals,(More)
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