Hiroki Ohtsuji

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Exascale computing requires storage systems to provide both reliability and performance, which are in the relationship of trade-off. This paper presents a method to build a zero-overhead network storage system (Cluster-wide RAID), which consists of active storage nodes. Active storage nodes themselves have an ability to process data blocks and our proposed(More)
Reliable and high-performance network I/O mechanism is a critical part of exascale storage systems. In order to improve system reliability, some storage systems use replication and erasure coding. However, this is an additional cost and requires higher bandwidth. This paper proposes a novel method to implement a zero-overhead network RAID-5 with an active(More)
Exa-scale storage systems will require a reliable and high bandwidth I/O mechanism. Replication and erasure coding among storage nodes are often used to improve reliability; however, the replication has a problem in storage capacity, and the erasure coding among storage nodes requires additional calculation cost and network traffic that may reduce the I/O(More)
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