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OBJECTIVE To identify useful MRI abnormalities in the putamen for diagnosing multiple system atrophy. METHODS Patients with multiple system atrophy (n=15), Parkinson's disease (n=16), or progressive supranuclear palsy (n=9) and healthy controls (n=10) were enrolled. Using a visual analog scale, 4 examiners independently rated high-intensity signals along(More)
Cesium adsorption/desorption experiments for various clay minerals, considering actual contamination conditions in Fukushima, were conducted using the (137)Cs radioisotope and an autoradiography using imaging plates (IPs). A 50 μl solution containing 0.185 ~ 1.85 Bq of (137)Cs (10(-11) ~ 10(-9 )molL(-1) of (137)Cs) was dropped onto a substrate where various(More)
The stimulation of bacterial activities that convert hexavalent uranium, U(VI), to tetravalent uranium, U(IV), appears to be feasible for cost-effective remediation of contaminated aquifers. However, U(VI) reduction typically results in the precipitation of U(IV) particles less than 5 nanometers in diameter, except for environmental conditions enriched with(More)
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