Hiroki Morizumi

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This report concerns a 66-year-old man with a melanocytoma arising at the foramen magnum. Magnetic resonance imaging disclosed a well-circumscribed tumor extending from the medulla oblongata to C1 with gadolinium enhancement. A heavily pigmented tumor located under the leptomeninges was removed surgically. Although the patient died 8 months later of renal(More)
A case is reported of atypical glomus tumor occurring in the posterior inferior mediastinum of a 26-year-old woman complaining of severe back pain. The tumor was composed of atypical small, round tumor cells with scattered mitotic figures. In addition to sheet-like, diffuse proliferation of the tumor cells, some areas of the tumor contained small "glomoid"(More)
Histological and ultrastructural alterations of skeletal muscles in Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) (32 cases) and polymyositis (PM) (33 cases) were compared qualitatively and quantitatively. Regeneration is more numerous in PM than DMD throughout all stages. Stromal fibrosis and hyaline fiber with delta lesion are characteristic for DMD. In the electron(More)
Let C be a logic circuit consisting of s gates g1, g2, . . . , gs, then the output pattern of C for an input x ∈ {0, 1} is defined to be a vector (g1(x), g2(x), . . . , gs(x)) ∈ {0, 1} of the outputs of g1, g2, . . . , gs for x. For each f : {0, 1} → {0, 1}, we define an f -circuit as a logic circuit where every gate computes f , and investigate(More)
Cases of intraosseous meningioma appear to be very rare. In the present paper, we report such a case and discuss its etiological histogenesis on the basis of a review of 26 cases previously reported. A 71-year-old female was admitted to our department because of a painless mass in the right parietal region. Neurological findings were normal. Plain skull(More)
Studies were made on skeletal muscles obtained by biopsy and autopsy from a 59-year-old man with immunocyte dyscrasia and amyloidosis; he had progressive muscular stiffness with palpable tumors and ϰ-type Bence-Jones protein, but no overt myeloma. Histologically, much amyloid was seen deposited preferentially in the skeletal muscles, especially in the endo-(More)
The minimum number of NOT gates in a Boolean circuit computing a Boolean function f is called the inversion complexity of f . In 1958, Markov determined the inversion complexity of every Boolean function and particularly proved that ⌈log 2 (n+ 1)⌉ NOT gates are sufficient to compute any Boolean function on n variables. In this paper, we consider circuits(More)