Hiroki Maekawa

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Telomere length in human somatic cells gradually decreases with the number of cell divisions and is regarded as a marker of somatic cell turnover. Mucosal cells of the affected colon show rapid turnover in individuals with active ulcerative colitis (UC). Telomere length was determined by Southern blot analysis of terminal restriction fragments (TRFs) from(More)
The patient was a 75-year-old woman who had undergone resection of a transverse colon cancer two years before. She had anemia and intestinal obstruction, and a diagnosis of multiple metastases to the small intestine was made by double balloon enteroscopy. Eleven metastatic foci were resected by partial resection of the jejunum and ileum. Adjuvant FOLFOX(More)
Previous studies have demonstrated that plasma tissue plasminogen activator (t-PA) level was elevated in patients with liver disease. In this study, t-PA antigen levels were investigated in patients with acute hepatitis (AH; N = 12), chronic hepatitis (CH; N = 8), compensated liver cirrhosis (CLC; N = 40), decompensated liver cirrhosis (DLC; N = 23) and(More)
Objective: To study the effect of peritoneal macrophages on tumor cell proliferation, we cultured ascites hepatoma AH-130 cells with unstimulated, or lipopolysaccharide (LPS)- or interleukin (IL)-2-stimulated rat peritoneal macrophages, and examined the proliferation of AH-130 cells.¶Materials and Methods: Rat peritoneal macrophages isolated from male(More)
Paraduodenal hernias are rare congenital malformations. We report an unusual case of bilateral paraduodenal hernias diagnosed preoperatively by small bowel series, computed tomography (CT), and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Both CT and MRI are useful in the noninvasive diagnosis of paraduodenal hernias.
We studied permeability of human small intestine to clarify the following questions. 1) Does indomethacin increase intestinal permeability (IP)? 2) Does ornoprostil (PGE1 analogue) prevent the increased IP due to indomethacin? 3) Does acemetacin (pro-drug) increase IP? Eleven healthy volunteers were studied before and after ingestion of indomethacin,(More)
A 76-year-old woman was diagnosed of mucinous cystadenocarcinoma of the appendix. Since there was wide direct invasion into the right psoas muscle, she was judged as inoperable although she had no bowel obstruction. She was received FOLFIRI and bevacizumab treatment. After the first cycle, the tumor progressed rapidly and formed the abdominal wall abscess(More)
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