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This paper proposes a new construction of the visual secret sharing scheme for the (n, n)-threshold access structure applicable to color images. The construction uses matrices with n rows that can be identified with homogeneous polynomials of degree n. It is shown that, if we find a set of homogeneous polynomials of degree n satisfying a certain system of(More)
This correspondence is concerned with asymptotic properties on the codeword length of a fixed-to-variable length code (FV code) for a general source {X/sup n/}/sub n=1//sup /spl infin// with a finite or countably infinite alphabet. Suppose that for each n /spl ges/ 1 X/sup n/ is encoded to a binary codeword /spl phi//sub n/(X/sup n/) of length l(/spl(More)
This paper is concerned with coding theorems for a generalized wiretap channel. In the problem of the wiretap channel it is important to characterize the secrecy capacity, i.e., the maximum achievable rate of information securely transmitted from a sender to a legitimate receiver in the presence of a wiretapper. In our model, channels are not restricted to(More)
In this paper, coding theorems on the (t, m) -threshold scheme for a general source are discussed, where m means the number of the shares and t means a threshold. The (t,m) -threshold scheme treated in this paper encrypts n source outputs X<sup>n</sup> to m shares at once and is required to satisfy the two conditions that 1) X<sup>n</sup> is reproduced from(More)
In this paper we unveil basic properties of a (k, n)-threshold scheme secure against an extended impersonation attack by an opponent. We consider a scenario in which an opponent tries to impersonate one of the participants under knowledge of other shares. We first establish lower bounds on not only the sizes of the n shares and the uniform random number(More)
GPR55 is a seven-transmembrane G-protein-coupled receptor that has been proposed as a novel type of cannabinoid receptor. Previously, we identified lysophosphatidylinositol (LPI), in particular 2-arachidonoyl-LPI, as an agonist for GPR55. In the present study, we examined whether intracellular phospholipase A1 (DDHD domain containing 1, or DDHD1),(More)
It is well known that the massage therapy is useful for the rehabilitation of various diseases (i.e. oral health problems, etc.). Although various apparatus have been developed for the massage of the torso and limbs, a machine to perform precise massage therapy to maxillofacial region is not developed yet. The ability of a robotic system to exert itself(More)