Hiroki Kitabayashi

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The space harmonic method is used to analyze surface acoustic wave (SAW) propagation under an infinite periodic metal grating on ZnO/diamond composite layered substrates. Dispersion properties for shorted and open gratings are derived as a function of the thickness of the grating electrodes. From these dispersion relations, the coupling of modes (COM)(More)
Walking is an easy exercise for maintaining health, although there are several environmental factors, such as road congestion or slopes, which are stressful for pedestrians, especially elders. Therefore, a pedestrian navigation system is required to recommend a less stressful route for a user by estimating such environmental factors. Towards realizing such(More)
Large area (63.6 mm x 64 mm) n-on-n silicon strip detectors have been fabricated, implementing various p-stop structures in the n-side. The detectors were characterized in laboratory and in beamtests. The beamtests showed that the individual p-stop structure collected less charge in the region between the strips than other p-stop structures. Large area(More)
A Silicon microstrip detector with n-strip readout on the n-bulk Silicon has been fabricated by implementing 4 different p-stop structures in 6 zones in the detector's n-side. The detectors were assembled into the units of detector-electronics modules. The response difference in the p-stop structures and effect of detector strip length were characterized in(More)
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