Hiroki Kishi

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This paper reports design and fabrication of 3D shaped AT-cut quartz crystal resonator. The thickness distribution of the resonator is designed following a Gaussian-type function. The distribution was postulated from the analysis of thickness shearing vibration calculated by a finite element analysis (FEA) for a flat-shape resonator. The vibration analysis(More)
Both thermal and intrinsic stresses that occur during thin-film processing and packaging dominate the final residual stress in thin film electronic devices. Since the residual stress causes the shift of electronic functions of dielectric and semiconductor materials, these shifts sometimes degrade their performance and reliability. Therefore, it is very(More)
Since the thickness of the stacked silicon chips in 3D integration has been thinned to less than 100 µm, the local thermal deformation of the chips has increased drastically because of the decrease of the flexural rigidity of the thinned chips. The clear periodic thermal deformation and thus, the thermal residual stress distribution appear in the(More)
The embedded strain gauges in a PQC-TEG were applied to the measurement of the change of the residual stress in a transistor structure with a 50-nm wide gate during thin film processing. The change of the residual stress was successfully monitored through the process such as the deposition and etching of thin films. In addition, the fluctuation of the(More)
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