Hiroki Kawakami

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Human CYP3A is the most abundant P450 isozyme present in the human liver and small intestine, and metabolizes around 50% of medical drugs on the market. The human CYP3A subfamily comprises four members (CYP3A4, CYP3A5, CYP3A7, CYP3A43) encoded on human chromosome 7. However, transgenic mouse lines carrying the entire human CYP3A cluster have not been(More)
Abstract—This paper deals with cooperative target-capturing problem for multi-vehicle systems with dynamic network topology. Firstly, we introduce a dynamic network topology that depends on relative distance between the vehicles. Secondly, we propose the target-capturing strategy based on consensus seeking with dynamic network topology. In proposed(More)
In this paper, we discuss a target-enclosing problem for a group of multiple nonholonomic agents in a plane. The proposed strategies guarantee that multiple agentspsila coordination finally results in a circular formation enclosing the target-object which moves in the plane. Firstly, virtual agents for the feedback linearization of the real nonholonomic(More)
This paper deals with cooperative target-enclosing problems using consensus filter for multiple vehicle systems. Proposed strategies are based on consensus seeking algorithms and at least one vehicle only has to acquire the states of targetobject. In addition, the measurement signals are made to be agreed using the consensus filters when each vehicle(More)
We studied the kinetics of the Diels-Alder reaction of Li(+)-encapsulated [60]fullerene with 1,3-cyclohexadiene and characterized the obtained product, [Li(+)@C60(C6H8)](PF6(-)). Compared with empty C60, Li(+)@C60 reacted 2400-fold faster at 303 K, a rate enhancement that corresponds to lowering the activation energy by 24.2 kJ mol(-1). The enhanced(More)
Organic functionalization of lithium-ion-containing [60]fullerene, Li+@C60, was performed by using diphenyl(diazo)methane as a stable, readily available diazo compound to obtain lithium-ion-containing [5,6]- and [6,6]-diphenylmethano[60]fullerenes, Li+@C61Ph2. The bis(trifluoromethanesulfonyl)imide (TFSI) salts of [5,6]- and [6,6]-Li+@C61Ph2 were(More)
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