Hiroki Kaminaga

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To improve effective performance and usability of shared memory multiprocessor systems, a multi-grain compilation scheme, which hierarchically exploits coarse grain paral-lelism among loops, subroutines and basic blocks, conventional loop parallelism and near fine grain parallelism among statements inside a basic block, is important. In order to efficiently(More)
In this research, a method to effectively support Web exploring is developed. A promising approach is extraction of topic transition processes on the Web and their visualization. Specifically, this research develops algorithms to cooperatively extract 1) Remarkable points in topic transitions among Web documents and 2) Border lines for clustering Web(More)
This research aims to realize a Web exploration support by dynamic presentation of useful pages in accordance with a user's behaviors of page selection. At first, Authors develop a method to extract user's intentions of exploration based on his/her initial focus pages. Authors also develop an algorithm to estimate potential of usefulness of unchecked pages(More)
— The remarkable development of browsing environments on the Internet and increase in Web pages has brought about a rich diversity of Web explorations. Continuous and strategic explorations such as those for surveys administered in research are especially important but pose difficult problems. This research proposes a novel system to support Web exploration(More)
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