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XPC DNA repair gene mutations result in the cancer-prone disorder xeroderma pigmentosum. The XPC gene spans 33 kb and has 16 exons (82-882 bp) and 15 introns (0.08-5.4 kb). A 1.6 kb intron was found within exon 5. Sensitive real- time quantitative reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction methods were developed to measure full-length XPC mRNA (the(More)
OBJECTIVES A psychometric scale for assessing cancer-related worry among cancer patients, called the Brief Cancer-Related Worry Inventory (BCWI), was developed. METHODS A cross-sectional questionnaire survey for item development was conducted of 112 Japanese patients diagnosed with breast cancer, and test-retest validation analysis was conducted using the(More)
Significant others play an important role in providing support in patients' lives, but some types of support negatively affect the patients. This study was conducted in early-stage breast cancer patients to examine the structure of support, which was provided by their significant others and assessed negatively by the patients, and to identify negative(More)
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