Hiroki Harada

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Three types of blink reflex were evoked by 1) supraorbital nerve stimulation, 2) light flash stimulation and 3) corneal touch. The blink reflex response was recorded simultaneously for both eyes by electromyography of the orbicularis oculi muscles of the lower eyelid. After supraorbital nerve stimulation, ipsilateral early response (R1) and bilateral late(More)
— Maximum likelihood (ML) data aided channel estimation for wavelet packets based ultra wideband (WP-UWB) transmissions is investigated. Training pilot symbols are employed for ML channel estimation based on a least square algorithm derived from the optimum ML approach. An optimum training sequences criterion is derived. Based on this, nearly optimum(More)
1  Abstract—Exploiting the unlicensed spectrum is considered by 3GPP as one promising solution to meet the ever-increasing traffic growth. As a result, one major enhancement for LTE in Release 13 has been to enable its operation in the unlicensed spectrum via Licensed-Assisted Access (LAA). In this article, we provide an overview of the Release 13 LAA(More)
Phyllodes tumors are rare fibroepithelial neoplasms of the breast. In the literature, borderline or malignant tumors have been reported to present with unusual characteristics including a short clinical history and extremely rapid tumor growth. Skin necrosis and infection sometimes accompanies these malignancies. Giant phyllodes tumors have a good prognosis(More)