Hiroki Bandou

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Aegilops geniculata Roth is an annual grass relative to cultivated wheats and is widely distributed in North Africa. In order to understand the diversity of this species, 14 populations collected in different bioclimatic areas in northern Algeria were analyzed using morphological and biochemical characters. Principal component analyses (PCA) based on the(More)
Frequent chromosomal aberrations and/or losses of heterozygosity involving the short arm of chromosome 3 in carcinomas of the lung, kidney and other tissues imply that multiple putative tumor suppressor genes may be present on this chromosomal arm. To search for one of these genes, we determined DNA sequences in the genomic region at 3p22-21.3 where we had(More)
We aimed to compare the efficacy and tolerability of mirtazapine versus SSRIs and to assess whether "non-response at week 4" may be a clinical indicator for combining mirtazapine and SSRIs for subsequent treatment. One-hundred fifty-four outpatients with MDD were randomized to receive mirtazapine or SSRIs in step I (4 weeks). Non-responders in step I were(More)
Major surgery in hemophilia patients has been facilitated by the development of coagulation concentrates. However, it is still difficult to manage bleeding during major surgery in patients with inhibitors to FVIII/IX. In addition, there have been few reports of major surgery in hemophilia B with high responding inhibitors. We report a 26-year-old hemophilia(More)
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