Hirokazu Yamanoue

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Watching stereoscopic HDTV sometimes causes visual discomfort or fatigue. In this paper, we report two results of recent research on the relationship between visual comfort and parallax on stereoscopic HDTV. One is the relationship between visual comfort and parallax distribution in a frame, and the other is the dependence of visual comfort on the magnitude(More)
A fundamental element of stereoscopic image production is to geometrically analyze the conversion from real space to stereoscopic images by binocular parallax under various shooting and viewing conditions. This paper reports on this analysis, particularly on the setting of the optical axes of 3D cameras, which has received little attention in the past. The(More)
When shooting three-dimensional television programs, there can be geometrical distortions, such as vertical shift, rotation error, and size inconsistency, between right and left images, caused by insufficient positioning of right and left cameras and/or different focal distances of these cameras. In this paper, we first discuss the detection limits and(More)
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