Hirokazu Yamamoto

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In component-based software development, it is necessary to measure the reusability of components in order to realize the reuse of components effectively. There are some product metrics for measuring the reusability of Object-Oriented software. However, in application development with reuse, it is difficult to use conventional metrics because the source(More)
Synergistic applications of multi-resolution satellite data have been of a great interest among user communities for the development of an improved and more effective operational monitoring system of natural resources, including vegetation and soil. In this study, we conducted an inter-comparison of two remote sensing products, namely, visible/near-infrared(More)
1. BACKGROUND Rapidly changing environments of urban region impact local and regional energy balance, resulting in phenomenon of heat islands. One of the major factors is less amount of evaporative cooling by vegetation in cities than surrounding rural regions. Thus, a key to an estimation of mitigation effects by green vegetation is accurate retrieval of(More)
Periurban coppice forests have a long history and tradition in Austria, as well as in Japan. Although developed in a slightly different context, such forests faced nearly the same fate during the last century. While these once served biomass almost exclusively as a feedstock for thermal energy, their significance decreased with the increasing use of fossil(More)