Hirokazu Moriya

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An active MR tracking system was implemented on a 0.2 Tesla open MRI system. Interventional devices with receive-only microcoils at their tips were developed and investigated on the scanner. Microcoils having a diameter of about 1 mm and 20 turns were found to provide sufficient signal-to-noise ratios for stable tracking. Positional accuracy and precision(More)
We propose a new leakage mechanism that depends on the mechanical strain in high-k gate oxides, namely "high strain-induced leakage current". To explain this current, we analyzed the strain dependence of the leakage current of gate oxides by performing a first-principles calculation. The analysis showed that the leakage current drastically increases with(More)
We measured the thickness of the transverse structures associated with the bovine coccygeal transverse processes (bone specimen) by using ultrasonic waves and examined the reliability of this measurement for use in spinal surgery. We first measured the velocity of ultrasonic waves propagating in the spinous process. We then made a hole in the transverse(More)
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