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We present a method for phase recovery in QAM communication systems based on higher order statistics. Under the assumption that the QAM signals have independent, identically distributed (i.i.d.) in-phase and quadrature components, we derive the relation between the phase error and the fourth-order cumulant of the output. Numerical performance of the(More)
i. Introduction The study of text understanding and knowlegde extraction has been actively done by many researchers. The authors also studied a method of structured information extraction from texts without a global text analysis. The method is available for a comparatively sbort text such as a patent claim clause and an abstract of a technical paper. This(More)
This pnpr describes n netrt method oj jxlsi-pmcrasing jor chamcfcr mcqnitinn, tuhiclr i~tilizes n nnttirnl Inn-gfinge pmcssing (NLP) s!jsfrm. Qllr method is h s e d on urod rnnirltinp mcfhnri u~hich r~erif~g the ns?tlts oJ chnmcter m q n i t t o n by ttrntchittg them witla dicttnnnry words. The chamctensiics 01 nur rnet!~d nrrr as Jol-lo~us: 1)Thr: tr~orri(More)
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