Hirohito Satoh

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The distribution of major components of the basement membrane, such as type IV collagen, laminin, and heparan sulfate proteoglycan (HSPG), was investigated in the rat cochlear duct. Immunofluorescence demonstrated that type IV collagen, laminin and HSPG were distributed along capillaries in the cochlear duct, including the stria vascularis, spiral ligament,(More)
Six pregnane glycosides and three cardenolides were isolated as differentiation inducers using mouse myeloid leukemia (Ml) cells from Periplocae Radicis Cortex (bark of Periploca sepium BGE., Asclepiadaceae). The cardenolides showed much higher activities than the pregnane glycosides. Besides these nine compounds, commercially available cardenolides were(More)
Gallbladders with cholesterolosis removed surgically for cholelithiasis were studied by light and electron microscopy as well as by cytochemical methods to demonstrate the presence of free cholesterol in the epithelial cells. Lipid droplets were found not only in the submucosa, but also in the infranuclear cytoplasm of epithelial cells. These contained well(More)
The oxidation of 1-unsubstituted or 1-phenyl-1H-isotellurochromenes with m-chloroperbenzoic acid (mCPBA) in CHCl3 resulted in a ring opening reaction to produce as the sole products the corresponding o-formyl or benzoyl distyryl ditellurides, which were also produced by the hydrolysis of the 2-benzotelluropyrylium salts readily prepared from the parent(More)
The treatment of o-iodopropiolanilides (12), which were easily prepared from o-iodophenylisocyanate (11) and ethynylmagnesium bromide, with sodium hydrogen telluride resulted in the intramolecular ring closure of the presumed phenyltellurol intermediates (13) to a triple bond to give the 1,5-benzotellurazepin-4-ones (14) as the sole characterized products.(More)
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