Hirohito Mukai

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This paper reports a radar system design using millimeter-wave for vehicular and pedestrian safety around intersections. The proposed system design and associated key algorithms are embedded into a prototype and verified in an anechoic chamber and a trial intersection. The system covers 30 cm range resolution, 5-degree angle resolution, 95% detection rate(More)
The paper proposes code sequences with an optimized criterion for precisely detecting pedestrians in the presence of vehicles in millimeter-wave pulse-compression radar system. The criterion named FR (Floor-Ratio) focuses on the maximum of sidelobes. The code sequences based on FR attain higher maximum sidelobe suppression compared to the ones based on(More)
The advanced radar detection method which combines Tx beamforming and Rx array processing with highresolution direction of arrival (DOA) estimation is proposed. The proposed method associates DOA estimation direction with Tx beamforming direction (TxD-DOA) for a high accuracy detection for multiple targets in millimeter-wave radar system. Computer(More)
This paper provides a 79GHz-band radar system performance for vehicular and pedestrian safety around intersections. The designed system and proposed detection algorithm are simulated and embedded into a prototype and verified in outdoor for pedestrian detection. A significant gain of separation performance is provided compared to conventional algorithm. The(More)
This paper presents a reconfigurable mixed-signal-processing circuit for high-speed pulse compression radar (PCR). Mixed-signal design techniques incorporate calibration and adaptation to improve the performance of a PCR receiver. Adaptive bandwidth PCR is an important feature for maximizing the dynamic range of a low-power radar system. The baseband signal(More)
This paper presents a reconfigurable analog signal processing circuit for pulse compression radar. Adapting bandwidth for the range of the target is proposed for radar systems. The baseband signal processor includes a high-speed correlator/integrator, a 4-bit flash analog-to-digital converter (ADC) and a multi-range delay lock loop (DLL). The DLL generates(More)
A penetration loss formula for superconducting tapes has been derived in our previous work. In this paper, the orientation of the magnetic field is considered in the formula. This formula includes the E-j characteristics represented with a power law and the magnetic field dependence of the critical current density. The analytical estimations with the(More)
Magnetization loss of Bi-2223/Ag tapes was measured with several types of pick-up coils to study the influence of pick-up coil configuration and sample length on the measured losses. Magnetic flux distributions in tapes were calculated numerically by the finite element method to obtain their AC losses. The numerical and experimental losses were compared(More)
The DPC-TJ test coil was developed in the collaboration between the Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute (JAERI) and Toshiba for the Demo Poloidal Coil (DPC) project at JAERI to obtain key technologies required for the construction of superconducting coils of a fusion experimental reactor. The DPC-TJ is a 1-m-bore, 40-A/mm/sup 2/ forced-flow cooled(More)
A 1024-BIT ECL RAM with typical address access time of 7.5 ns, faster than previously-reported RAMS’ will bc‘discussed. Write cycle time of 1 0 11s and write-enable pulsewidth of 3.5 ns are also possible. The memory consists of four blocks of each 256 words x 1 bit, which can be independently selected by four block select terminals, and therefore, may be(More)