Hirohiko Kanesada

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Members of expeditions to Antarctica may show changes in biological and physiological parameters involved in lipid, glucose, and thyroid hormone metabolism as they adapt to the environment; however, alterations in amino acid (AA) levels and sleep among expedition members in Antarctica have yet to be fully elucidated. We hypothesized that there would be(More)
The relationship was examined between the tumoricidal effect and the electrical variables of in vivo electrical impulse chemotherapy. Donryu rats subcutaneously inoculated with AH-109AY hepatocellular carcinomas were given a single high-voltage electrical impulse of varying voltage and duration, 30 min after an intramuscular injection of 4 mg/kg bleomycin.(More)
Using high voltage pulse (initial electric field strength 3kV/cm, duration 4 msec, applied energy 14.9 joule) as a local load, and concentration dependent anticancer drugs such as peplomycin (PEP) 20 mg/kg, cyclophosphamide (CPA) 100 mg/kg, mitomycin C (MMC) 3 mg/kg and cisplatin (CDDP) 5 mg/kg administrated intraperitoneally, the effects on the suppression(More)
The correlation between the dose of menatetrenone and the incidence of post-laparotomy peritoneal adhesion in Ryan's model was investigated with the use of rats. In the menatetrenone treated group, the menatetrenone was intramuscularly given in a dosage of 10 mg immediately after closure of the abdominal wound and every 24 hours for two days. In this group,(More)
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