Hirofumi Wakayama

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To identify neuropeptides that have a broad spectrum of actions on the feeding system of Aplysia, we searched for bioactive peptides that are present in both the gut and the CNS. We identified a family of structurally related nonapeptides and decapeptides (enterins) that are present in the gut and CNS of Aplysia, and most of which share the HSFVamide(More)
Two octapeptides derived from the sequence of the N- and C-termini of HIV-1 protease were tested for their ability to inhibit HIV-1 reproduction. Weak inhibitory activity was found with each of the two peptides. It is assumed that HIV-1 protease is the target of the inhibitory action. In spite of the moderate inhibitory activity the results are encouraging(More)
The INSYDE simulation tool was developed for use in the performance evaluation of large, complex computer systems. This simulator is an interactive graphical type tool in which model data is input in the form of diagrams and tables, and the results are also output in the form of diagrams and tables. This paper focuses on the method used by INSYDE to achieve(More)
This paper presents a development of switched reluctance motor (SRM) with 0.1mm airgap length by which high efficiency as well as high torque density can be expected as a 400W machine for servo drive application. A SRM with 0.1mm airgap length is designed by genetic algorithm-based optimum design approach so as to be compatible with an existing 400W(More)
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