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—In the zero-emission electric power generation system, a multiple-input dc–dc converter is useful to obtain the regulated output voltage from several input power sources such as a solar array, wind generator, fuel cell, and so forth. A new multiple-input dc–dc converter is proposed and analyzed. As a result, the static and dynamic characteristics are(More)
Because of rapid evolution in product and process technology, many operations in the manufacturing and service industries in recent years require workers to acquire and maintain more extensivè`knowledge stock'' than before. In this paper, we address the human resource planning in these knowledge-intensive operations. We focus on the management of knowledge(More)
A method for the cascade connection of switching regulators is introduced which is useful for low-voltage power supplies. It is common to use a reactor with a secondary winding in order to obtain a sufficiently small step-down ratio (E<L>out</L>/E<L>in</L>). In this method, how-ever, a switching surge occurs because of the leakage inductance of the(More)