Hirofumi Kajita

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1. To study endothelin (ET) receptors in guinea-pig stomach, ET-binding assays and in vitro autoradiography were performed on fundic cell suspensions and on sections of the fundus, respectively. ETA and ETB receptor subtypes were found to coexist in the parietal cells. 2. Endothelin 1 (ET-1) added to the (basolateral) bathing solution was found to activate(More)
A former premature infant (1,795 g) with chronic lung disease underwent pyrolomyotomy under spinal anesthesia. She had been managed with artificial ventilation for 2 months after birth and had developed chronic lung disease. She showed frequent apnea with desaturation several times per day and 21 x min(-1) of oxygen had been administered. She began(More)
From August 1992 through February 1993, we treated 21 patients with endoscopic variceal ligation (EVL). Two patients had a history of the esophageal variceal bleeding, but 19 patients did not have bleeding episodes. To evaluate preventive effect of bleeding, we selected the patients who had grade F2 or red color sign positive varices. We repeated EVL until(More)
1. Voltage-independent whole-cell Cl- currents were recorded from both single, isolated parietal cells and parietal cells within gastric glands obtained from the fundus of guinea-pig stomach. 2. The Cl- currents were rapidly suppressed by a Cl- channel blocker, NPPB (5-nitro-2-(3-phenylpropylamino)-benzoate), added to the (basolateral) bathing solution in a(More)
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