Hirofumi Homma

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Gold nanoparticles were supported by a phloroglucinolcarboxylic acid-formaldehyde (PF) gel, a new organic gel with a 30 nm spheroid-like structure. The surface area of the PF gel with gold nanoparticles was 550 m(2)/g. Gold nanoparticles supported on a PF gel exhibited catalytic activity in the reduction of 4-nitrophenol with a reaction rate constant of 7.4(More)
Development of foam capsule fabrication for cryogenically cooled fuel targets is overviewed in the present paper. The fabrication development was initiated as a part of the Fast Ignition Realization Experiment (FIREX) Project at the ILE, Osaka University in the way of bilateral collaboration between Osaka University and National Institute for Fusion Science(More)
Intense ultrashort light pulses induce three dimensional localized phase transformation of diamond. Photoinduced amorphous structures have electrical conducting properties of a maximum of 64 S/m based on a localized transition from sp(3) to sp(2) in diamond. The laser parameters of fluence and scanning speed affect the resultant electrical conductivities(More)
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