Hirofumi Hattori

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Impacts of the increasing CO 2 in seawater (i.e. ocean acidification) on phytoplank-ton physiology may have various and potentially adverse effects on phytoplankton dynamics and the carbon cycle. We conducted a CO 2 manipulation experiment in the Sea of Okhotsk in summer 2006 to investigate the response of the phytoplankton as-5 semblage and dynamics of(More)
We report a high speed 8x8 optical phased array using tunable 1550 nm all-pass filters with ultrathin high contrast gratings (HCGs) as the microelectromechanical-actuated top reflectors. The all-pass filter design enables a highly efficient phase tuning (1.7 π) with a small actuation voltage (10 V) and actuation displacement of the HCG (50 nm). The(More)
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