Hirofumi Aoki

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Previous reports have suggested the existence of photoreceptors for visible radiation at the surface of the human body. Rhodopsin is a well-known photosensitive protein found in the rod cells of the retina and detects light/dark contrast. Cone opsins are also photosensitive receptors in the cone cells of the retina and detect colour. Here, we describe(More)
In a virtual weightless environment, subjects' orientation skills were studied to examine what kind of cognitive errors people make when they moved through the interior space of virtual space stations and what kind of visual information effectively decreases those errors. Subjects wearing a head-mounted display moved from one end to the other end in space(More)
A hip-knee-ankle-foot orthotic system called `HALO'(Hip and Ankle Linked Orthosis) for paraplegic walking has been developed in our previous study. Each ankle joint of the HALO system is linked with a medial single joint via a wire which allows both feet of the orthosis to stay always parallel to the floor during walking and assists swinging the leg. The(More)
It is an advantage to use robots in autism therapy since they provide repetitive stimuli during the learning of social skills. A detailed exploration is required to design assistive robots for autism therapy with higher effectiveness. This study has investigated the effectiveness of an interactive robot's feedback during autism therapy for improving(More)