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Mast cells (MC) are stem cell factor-dependent tissue-based hematopoietic cells with substantial functional heterogeneity. Cord blood-derived human MC (hMC) express functional receptors for IL-5, and IL-5 mediates stem cell factor-dependent comitogenesis of hMC in vitro. Although IL-5 is not required for normal hMC development, we considered that it might(More)
Behavioral traits of sperm are adapted to the reproductive strategy that each species employs. In polyandrous species, spermatozoa often form motile clusters, which might be advantageous for competing with sperm from other males. Despite this presumed advantage for reproductive success, little is known about how sperm form such functional assemblies.(More)
We investigated the evolutionary relationship between spawning behaviour and sperm motility traits among Tanganyikan mouth-brooding cichlid species that have developed diverse mating behaviours and male sexual traits. Mouth-brooding behaviour is common among these fish, but different species demonstrate a range of spawning behaviours, bower construction,(More)
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