Hiroatsu Yoshida

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GaAs nanowires were selectively grown by metal-organic vapour-phase epitaxy within a SiO(2) mask window pattern fabricated on a GaAs(111)B substrate surface. The nanowires were 100-3000 nm in height and 50-300 nm in diameter. The height decreased as the mask window diameter was increased or the growth temperature was increased from 700 to 800 °C. The(More)
Although the tactile sensation is one of the most important senses, little quantitative research has been carried out to investigate the sense of the touch of the fingertip. We developed a three-dimensional finite element model of the fingertip and performed a determination of material properties using an optimization technique so that the contact area of(More)
A stable vacuum pressure is necessary to calibrate a vacuum gauge by direct comparison. Three flow methods to generate a vacuum pressure are examined; by using a variable leak valve, a mass flow controller and a micro capillary in conjunction with a precise pressure controller for the calibration of a spinning rotor gauge. The fluctuation of generated(More)
Remnant Magnetization Br Coercivity Hc Recently, Metal Evaporation (ME) magnetic tape becomes one of the main current of the tape for digital recording system and is widely used in the field of video system and even in that of computer data storage system. We have already reported on a manufacturing methods and various characteristics of the ME tape [l],(More)
Micro He gas flows ranging from 10<sup>-7</sup> to 10<sup>-5</sup> Pa m<sup>3</sup>/s are generated by a constant pressure flowmeter with an uncertainties of 1.1~0.91%, when the pressure in the flowmeter is changed from 1 to 100 Pa. Holding a pressure in the flowmeter during an operation of this type of the flowmeter is one of the important parameters to(More)
This paper presents the conceptual design of a novel thermoelectric cooler and/or heater utilizing the heat transfer effect due to forced convection. A porous thermoelectric converter combined with a reciprocating flow system in which the flow direction of air passing through the element is reversed after regular intervals is proposed. This flow system in(More)
NMR experiments of " B by both field-swept and high-resolution NMR are reported to probe the electric field gradient at boron sites and its distribution in Pyrex glass. Both spectra are successfully interpreted with the same set of parameters. It is stressed that field-swept NMR experiments to observe total powder spectrum can be helpful to get information(More)
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