Hiroaki Takahashi

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It is known that bone morphogenetic proteins (BMPs) regulate gonadotropin transcription and production by pituitary gonadotrope cells. However, the role of BMPs in gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH)-induced FSH production remains uncertain. Here, we describe a functional link between BMP-6 and BMP-7 signals and FSH transcriptional activity induced by(More)
Intrathecal (i.t.) administration into mice of N-ethylmaleimide (NEM), a cysteine protease inhibitor, produced a characteristic behavioral response, the biting and/or licking of the hindpaw and the tail along with slight hindlimb scratching directed toward the flank. The behavior induced by NEM was inhibited by the intraperitoneal injection of morphine. We(More)
Dynorphins, the endogenous opioid peptides derived from prodynorphin may participate not only in the inhibition, but also in facilitation of spinal nociceptive transmission. However, the mechanism of pronociceptive dynorphin actions, and the comparative potential of prodynorphin processing products to induce these actions were not fully elucidated. In our(More)
Glioblastoma is the most malignant human brain tumor and has a dismal prognosis; however, some patients show long-term survival. The interaction between the costimulatory molecule OX40 and its ligand OX40L generates key signals for T-cell activation. The augmentation of this interaction enhances antitumor immunity. In this present study, we explored whether(More)
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