Hiroaki Shoda

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A fully integrated 40 Gb/s transmitter and receiver chipset with SFI-5 interface is implemented in a 65 nm CMOS technology and mounted in a plastic BGA package. The transmitter chip provides good jitter performance with a 40 GHz full-rate clock architecture that alleviates pattern-dependent jitter and eliminates duty cycle dependence. The measured RMS(More)
As 40Gb/s optical communication systems enter the commercial stage, the transceiver, which is a key component of these systems, requires lower power dissipation, a size reduction, and a wider frequency range to meet the requirements of several standards, such as OC-768/STM-256 (39.8Gb/s), OTU-3 (43.0Gb/s), and 4×10GbE-LANPHY (44.6Gb/s). 40Gb/s(More)
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