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—In this paper, a visual and haptic human-machine interface is proposed for teleoperated nano scale object interaction and manipulation. Design specifications for a bilateral scaled teleoperation system with slave and master robots, sensors, actuators, and control are discussed. Phantom T M haptic device is utilized as the master manipulator, and a(More)
In recent years, various physiological functions of salmon milt extract, which consists of nucleic acid and nucleoprotein, have been reported. The objective of this study is to analyze the physiological function and its mechanism of salmon milt extract (NG) on nematodes (C. elegans). The wild type nematode N2 strain was bred on the plate containing of NG(More)
A dexterous tele-micromanipulation systems using haptic interfaces have been developed for the application in assembling electrical / optical parts for recent electrical devices, micro-machine, etc. This paper describes the development of visual operation support systems for tele-micromanipulation systems. Because of its better manipulation positioning(More)
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