Hiroaki Sakamoto

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OBJECTIVE Although deep sternal wound infection (DSWI) after cardiac surgery is infrequent, its consequences are serious. The purposes of this study were to define the risk factors, and to establish the best surgical treatment for DSWI. METHODS Retrospective analysis for 863 patients who underwent cardiac surgery was performed. The patients were divided(More)
The life of biobatteries remains an issue due to loss of enzyme activity over time. In this study, we sought to develop a biobattery with a long life using a hyperthermophilic enzyme. We hypothesized that use of such hyperthermophilic enzymes would allow for the biofuel cells to have a long battery life. Using pyrroloquinoline quinone-glucose dehydrogenase(More)
OBJECTIVES Experimental spinal cord injury (SCI) with focal spinal tissue scarring was studied to better understand the progressive post-traumatic myelomalacia (PPM). METHODS Using a stereotactic device, the authors developed an acute compression of spinal cord at Th-10 in the adult rat. In Group A, the rat thoracic spinal cord was compressed epidurally(More)
The aim of this study was to analyze the morphologic changes of the craniofacial skeleton in synostotic plagiocephaly after cranial distraction. Preoperative and postoperative computed tomography scans were taken, and three-dimensional reconstruction was then performed. Three measurements were obtained: intracranial volume, volume of the middle cranial(More)
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