Hiroaki Ozaki

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Identification and control problems for unknown chaotic dynamical systems are considered. Our aim is to regulate the unknown chaos to a fixed point or a stable periodic orbit. This is realized by following two contributions. First, a dynamic neural network is used as identifier. The weights of the neural networks are adjusted by the sliding mode technique.(More)
Shale oil and gas have become very promising unconventional energies in recent years. To optimize operations in oil and gas production, a reservoir model is important for understanding the subsurface appropriately. Generally, sensor data, such as surface seismic data, are most popular data sources in modeling the reservoir with either a numerical simulation(More)
In this paper, based on a very simple physical principle, a simple and convenient speed sensor for gasoline engine used in a portable unmanned helicopter (PUH) is developed. The sensor has several favorable features appropriate for a PUH control, i.e. small, light, taking little space, sufficient accurate and handling easy in control operation, especially,(More)
A feedback gain tuning method is proposed to control mechatronic systems which have the characteristic applicable to iterative trial movements. The tuning algorithm is composed of an optimization procedure based on the Complex Method and has the following features: (1) It does not require any dynamic model of controlled systems. (2) It tunes the feedback(More)