Hiroaki Nakai

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Accurate estimation of noise and signal power is of fundamental interest in a wide variety of vision applications as it is critical to thresholding and decision processes. This paper proposes two methods for the estimation of nonstationary noise based upon models of image structure which locally separate signal from noise. The resulting algorithms are(More)
In this paper, we describe the Toshiba event detection system for TRECVID surveillance event detection task [1] that detects three TRECVID required events (E05:PersonRuns, E19:ElevatorNoEntry, and E20:OpposingFlow). Our system (" Toshiba_1 p-cohog_1 ") consists of four components: (1) robust change detection based on the combination of pixel intensity(More)
We present a real-time and high-precision face recognition system using an image processing LSI chip:Visconti[Visconti: Multi-VLIW Image Recognition Processor]. The system is compact and operates at low power, making it suitable for many purposes, including home security and robot vision. The LSI includes three media processing modules and peripherals which(More)
The present study focuses on aspects of EHL that have both positive and negative effects on the lubrication performance of the thrust slide-bearings in scroll compressors. Theoretical calculations using the average Reynolds equation of Patir-Cheng and the solid contact theory from Greenwood & Williamson, for the boundary of the local elastic deformation of(More)
In this paper, the effect of the Elasto-Hydrodynamic Lubrication (EHL) on the performance of thrust slide-bearings in scroll compressors is considered. The EHL effect accounts for the superior lubrication characteristics of these bearings. The orbiting thrust plate undergoes elastic deformation due to axial loading, resulting in the formation of a uniform(More)
Woven composites have been used in many fields such as cars and ships, etc. However, it is very difficult to evaluate the mechanical behavior and the strength because of the complicated geometrical shape. In order to solve the difficulty, we have developed a numerical multi-scale simulation program based on damage mechanics. The following points are the(More)