Hiroaki Nakai

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BACKGROUND We prospectively investigated whether the wound-protective Alexis (Applied Medical, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA) wound retractor was effective in preventing surgical site infection (SSI). METHODS We examined the actual condition of SSI in a 12-month randomized, controlled trial consisting of 221 patients who had undergone nontraumatic(More)
Approximately 25% of hemophilia A patients infused with hemophilic plasmas, but only 33% (7 of 21) of autoantibody factor VIII (fVIII) mount an immune response, which leads plasmas. These results demonstrated that the inhibitor reto its inactivation. Anti-fVIII autoantibodies are also seen sponse in hemophiliacs was more complex and the epitope rarely in(More)
Although the causes of ileus, an acute abdominal disorder, are varied, there are few reports of strangulated ileus by torsion of a tumor originating from the small intestine (1). When diagnosis of a strangulated ileus with intestinal circulation disorder is delayed, it will rapidly develop into perforating peritonitis due to intestinal necrosis, followed by(More)
OBJECTIVES The present study aimed to clarify stress distribution in teeth under an external applied load using microindentation and multiscale simulation. METHODS Anisotropic material properties of enamel and dentin were measured using a microindentation method with a dynamic ultra microhardness tester. The numerical model was constructed using the(More)
The rates of degradation of cyanuric acid, a key intermediate in a metabolic pathway of s-triazine herbicides, were measured for Pseudomonas sp. NRRL B-12227. The rate of degradation was affected by the rate of cyanuric acid transport through cell membranes and the activity of cyanuric acid amidohydrolase inside the cells. At low concentrations of cyanuric(More)
Accurate estimation of noise and signal power is of fundamental interest in a wide variety of vision applications as it is critical to thresholding and decision processes. This paper proposes two methods for the estimation of nonstationary noise based upon models of image structure which locally separate signal from noise. The resulting algorithms are(More)