Hiroaki Morino

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The single-hop communication method of the current wireless network cannot meet new demands in the domain such as ITS 1 and Home LAN. Even though the ad-hoc network architecture is expected to solve this problem, but the nature of a dynamic topology makes this routing hard to be realized. This paper introduces a new ad-hoc routing algorithm, which is(More)
This paper identifies communication system functions and technologies that a local region, individuals living in that region, and various communities to which each individual belongs require and propose a community communication service platform for providing those functions and technologies. To provide a variety of services suited to the characteristics of(More)
A new-generation access network should be able to transport various kinds of dynamically changing sensor information about specific localities or private individuals to different destination servers in a secure manner for processing so that the various processed information can be used in an integrated manner to provide advanced context-aware services.(More)
Wireless mesh network has been increasingly attracting attentions as enabling technology not only for access network to the Internet but for application oriented network. To strengthen reliability of wireless mesh network, adaptive loadbalanced routing to avoid congestion will be the key technology. This paper presents a novel concept of multipath routing(More)