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This paper proposes a method for three dimensional gait analysis using wearable sensors and quaternion calculations. Seven sensor units consisting of a tri-axial acceleration and gyro sensors, were fixed to the lower limbs. The acceleration and angular velocity data of each sensor unit were measured during level walking. The initial orientations of the(More)
More than 10 years have passed since carbon nanotubes (CNT) have been found during observations by transmission electron microscopy (TEM). Since then, one of the major applications of the CNT is the reinforcements of plastics in processing composite materials, because it was found by experiments that CNT possessed splendid mechanical properties. Various(More)
The thermophysical properties of unsaturated polyester (UPE) nanocomposites reinforced by organo-montmorillonite clay nanoplatelets are reported. The organo-clay nanoplatelets were sonicated in acetone for 2 hours to be dispersed in the UPE matrix. Vacuum extraction removed not only the acetone but also the styrene present in the UPE solution. The same(More)
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