Hiroaki Minehara

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Many investigators are currently studying the use of decellularized tissue allografts from human cadavers as scaffolds onto which patients' cells could be seeded, or as carriers for genetically engineered cells to aid cell transplantation. However, it is difficult to seed cells onto very dense regular connective tissue which has few interstitial spaces.(More)
PURPOSE To study the anatomy of the pubic ramus and adjacent structures in 160 Japanese to establish a safer pubic screw fixation technique. METHODS 80 male and 80 female Japanese aged 16 to 89 (mean, 50) years (10 persons in each decade of age) underwent 3-dimensional computed tomographic scanning of their pelvises. The angle at which the screw should be(More)
We present a rare case of spinal epidural hematoma (SEH) after thoracolumbar posterior fusion without decompression surgery for a thoracic vertebral fracture. A 42-year-old man was hospitalized for a thoracic vertebral fracture caused by being sandwiched against his back on broken concrete block. Computed tomography revealed a T12 dislocation fracture of AO(More)
BACKGROUND For internal fixation of AO classification Type B lateral malleolar fracture, insertion of lag screws into the fracture plane and fixation with a one-third tubular plate as a neutralization plate are the standard treatment procedures. The one-third tubular plate is processed to a hook shape and hung on the distal end of the fibula. In this study,(More)
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