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A case of multiple intracranial tuberculomas diagnosed by enhanced brain CT scan and MRI, which developed during the course of miliary tuberculosis under anti-tuberculous chemotherapy was experienced. Chemotherapy with an increased dose of each agent and corticosteroid was administered, and eventually intracranial tuberculomas nearly disappeared. After(More)
A novel method of differential optical absorption spectroscopy (DOAS) is proposed and demonstrated to monitor the concentration of atmospheric pollutant gas. In contrast to conventional DOAS measurements with continuous light sources, the present method relies on white flashlights such as aviation obstruction lights that are generally installed on tall(More)
We developed a method for characterizing atmospheric properties from ground-based, spectral measurements of direct and scattered solar radiation under clear sky conditions. A compact spectroradiometer is employed for radiation measurement in the wavelength range between 350 and 1050 nm with a resolution of 10 nm. Spectral matching of measured and simulated(More)
Land use and land-cover changes (LULCC) are one of the important causes of urban climate change, often represented by urban heat islands (UHI) in megacity areas, including Jakarta-Indonesia. The purpose of this study is to investigate the influence of LULCC on the UHI phenomenon in Jakarta city by employing the remote sensing technique. This study is(More)
For the purpose of calibrating multiwavelength lidar data, we developed a scatterometer to measure the aerosol scattering coefficient at the ground level. The system is based on an integrating sphere, cw lasers (532 and 633 nm), and a controlled flow of the ambient air, including aerosol particles. The simulation study and experimental results indicate that(More)