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Many researchers progress the research with preparing presentation slides and papers in parallel. However, their management becomes complicated in accordance with research progresses since a number of things to be described increases more and more. As a result, it is troublesome for researchers to investigate the contents of presentation slides and papers(More)
To share information more effectively in a laboratory, this study develops a method to collect and visualize research documents as well as research activities efficiently without exception. First, this paper introduces a research information relation graph that reflects research activities that obtain information. Furthermore, this paper makes research(More)
Skillful management of the various types of documents used in intelligent activities and their efficient utilization are important. However, most available systems target only a single type of document (e-mails, Web pages, etc.) or are not adaptive enough. A more promising approach is topic-centered document management. A topic-centered document management(More)
Discussion using e-mail is frequently conducted in intelligent works such as research activity. It is important but generally difficult to successfully grasp the processes of the discussions and their results. There exist descriptions of diverse particle sizes in actual discussion using e-mail. This feature brings about the difficulty in grasping the(More)
This paper describes a method for extracting the search contexts on the basis of the analysis of search history data such as viewed Web pages, search queries, and bookmarks during collaborative exploration activities. There are many opportunities for collaborative exploration in the form of cooperative work at educational organizations such as universities.(More)