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Fermi systems in the cross-over regime between weakly coupled Bardeen-Cooper-Schrieffer (BCS) and strongly coupled Bose-Einstein-condensate (BEC) limits are among the most fascinating objects to study the behavior of an assembly of strongly interacting particles. The physics of this cross-over has been of considerable interest both in the fields of(More)
Many phylogeographic studies of various tree species have been conducted to elucidate the locations of refugia and the colonization patterns during the Pleistocene. However, only a few large-scale phylogeographic studies have been conducted on herbaceous plants, especially scarce on herbs that are adapted to disturbance. Artemisia indica is a fast-growing(More)
The effects of five rice herbicides bensulfuron methyl, mefenacet, quinoclamine, simetryn, and thiobencarb on the growth of two threatened aquatic ferns Azolla japonica and Salvinia natans were tested using 12-day exposure experiments at 0.1-100 nM which are expected to be present in drainages and rivers in Japan. As a reference species, Lenma minor was(More)
SUMMARY This paper reports the development of a container identification mark or number recognition system designed for application to a container terminal. The recognition system recognizes the number or mark on the back surface of a container in an outdoor environment by photographing the mark by a camera system installed on the container gate. Containers(More)
This paper proposes a new approach to accurately estimate optical-flow for fully automated tracking of moving-objects within video streams. This approach consists of an occlusion-killer algorithm and template matching using segmented regions, which is perfonned by a skip-ldwling algorithm. The skip-litbeling algorithm can be used to segment an image into(More)