Hiroaki Hasegawa

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Vibrio tubiashii is a recently reemerging pathogen of larval bivalve mollusks, causing both toxigenic and invasive disease. Marine Vibrio spp. produce an array of extracellular products as potential pathogenicity factors. Culture supernatants of V. tubiashii have been shown to be toxic to oyster larvae and were reported to contain a metalloprotease and a(More)
N-acyl homoserine lactone (AHL) is required by Erwinia carotovora subspecies for the expression of various traits, including extracellular enzyme and protein production and pathogenicity. Previous studies with E. carotovora subsp. carotovora have shown that AHL deficiency causes the production of high levels of RsmA, an RNA binding protein that functions as(More)
Dynamic telepathology uses a remotely controlled microscope to allow a pathologist to view samples at a remote location. However, time delays introduced by remote operation have made use of a commercial dynamic telepathology system difficult and frustrating. This paper describes experiments to evaluate and redesign the user interface. We also make(More)