Hiroaki Gotoh

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[reaction: see text] By synthesizing two possible diastereomers, the first asymmetric total synthesis of synerazol, an antifungal antibiotic, has been accomplished, allowing determination of its absolute stereochemistry. A more practical second generation route was also established. The key steps are racemization-free deprotection of a TIPS group and(More)
The examination of the catharanthine C16 substituent effects on the Fe(III)-promoted biomimetic coupling reaction with vindoline is detailed, confirming the importance of the presence of a C16 electron-withdrawing substituent, and establishing an unanticipated unique role (>10-fold) that the C16 methyl ester plays in the expression of the natural product(More)
A study on the impact of catharanthine C10 and C12 indole substituents on the biomimetic Fe(III)-mediated coupling with vindoline led to the discovery and characterization of two new and substantially more potent derivatives, 10'-fluorovinblastine and 10'-fluorovincristine. In addition to defining a pronounced and unanticipated substituent effect on the(More)
A catalytic enantioselective direct conjugate addition of nitroalkanes to alpha,beta-unsaturated aldehydes using diphenylprolinol silyl ether as an organocatalyst has been developed. Using this methodology as a key step, short syntheses of therapeutically useful compounds have also been accomplished.
Asymmetric intramolecular Michael reaction catalyzed by an organocatalyst derived from cysteine has been developed for the synthesis of chiral bicyclo[4.3.0]nonene and cis-disubstituted cyclopentane skeletons with a creation of three or two contiguous chiral centers in good yield with high diastereo- and excellent enantioselectivities.
Diphenylprolinol silyl ether was found to be an effective organocatalyst in the enantioselective and direct Michael reaction of nitroethanol and alpha,beta-unsaturated aldehydes, affording the 1-hydroxy-trans-3,4-disubstituted tetrahydropyrans after isomerization. The generated Michael addition products are useful synthetic intermediates, which can be(More)
A definition of the scope of aromatic substrates that participate with catharanthine in an Fe(III)-mediated coupling reaction, an examination of the key structural features of catharanthine required for participation in the reaction, and the development of a generalized indole functionalization reaction that bears little structural relationship to(More)
The effect of silyl substituents in diphenylprolinol silyl ether catalysts was investigated. Mechanistically, reactions catalyzed by diphenylprolinol silyl ether can be categorized into three types: two that involve an iminium ion intermediate, such as for the Michael-type reaction (type A) and the cycloaddition reaction (type B), and one that proceeds via(More)