Hiroaki Fukushima

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—In this paper, we develop a new type of snake-like robot using screw-drive units connected by active joints. The screw drive units enable the robot to generate propulsion on any side of the body in contact with environments. Another feature of this robot is the omni-directional mobility by combinations of screws' angular velocities. We also derive a(More)
This paper proposes a quadratic programming (QP) approach to robust MPC for constrained linear systems having both model uncertainties and bounded disturbances. To this end, we construct an additional comparison model for worst-case analysis based on a robust control Lyapunov function (RCLF) for the unconstrained system (not necessarily an RCLF in the(More)
— In this paper, we develop a prototype of a new snake-like robot using the screw drive mechanism, and design a control system design for trajectory tracking. First, we explain the outline of the snake-like robot using the screw drive units and joint units, as well as the principle of the screw drive mechanism. Next, in order to achieve the trajectory(More)
— In this paper, state-predictive control is applied to an autonomous blimp in the presence of time delay and disturbance. To this end, a state predictor to compensate time delay is constructed based on the separate-bias filters taking into account nonzero-mean disturbances. Experimental results show that constraint violations are reduced in model(More)