Hiroaki Etoh

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We introduce a network-based problem detection framework for distributed systems, which includes a data-mining method for discovering dynamic dependencies among distributed services from transaction data collected from network , and a novel problem detection method based on the discovered dependencies. From observed containments of transaction execution(More)
AIMS/HYPOTHESIS The small G-protein ras-related C3 botulinum toxin substrate 1 (RAC1) plays various roles in mammalian cells, such as in the regulation of cytoskeletal organisation, cell adhesion, migration and morphological changes. The present study examines the effects of RAC1 ablation on pancreatic beta cell function. METHODS Isolated islets from(More)
| This article describes a topological routing path search algorithm embedded in our auto-router for printed circuit boards. The algorithm searches for a topological path that is guaranteed to be transformable into a physical wire satisfying design rules. We propose a method for incrementally verifying design rules during topological path search in a graph(More)
— This article describes an algorithm for curvilinear detailed routing. We significantly improved the average time performance of Gao's algorithm by resolving its bottleneck related to generation of fan-shaped forbidden regions along a wire. We also describe a method for simultaneous wire-spreading and wire-fattening, which consists of enlarging forbidden(More)
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