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− The Mobile Laser Scanning (MLS) system can acquire point clouds of urban environments including roads, buildings, trees, lamp posts etc. and enables effective mapping of them. With the spread of the MLS system, the demands for the management of roads and facilities using MLS point clouds have increased. Especially, pole-like objects (PLOs) such as lamp(More)
In this paper, we propose a new mesh smoothing method for mesh models with measurement noise obtained from a 3D scanner. Our proposed method enables not only the removal of noise from the faces but the preservation and smoothing of features recognized as sharp edges and corners. First, by using the eigen analysis of normal voting tensor, mesh edges composed(More)
In this paper, we propose a new triangular finite element mesh generation method based on simplification of high-density mesh and adaptive level-of detail (LOD) methods for efficient CAE. Mesh simplification evaluating mesh properties is applied to control the mesh properties required for FE mesh, such as the number of triangular elements, element shape(More)
In a 3D free-form CAM system, a series of intermediate shape models for machining are required as the references of NC programming. The safety and efficiency of the machining greatly depend on the geometric relation between these intermediate shape models. However current CAM systems lack the function of automatic generation of the appropriate series of(More)