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Although Vibrio vulnificus is known to be able to utilize ferrioxamine B as an iron source, its outer membrane receptor remains to be determined. In this study, we found that V. vulnificus expressed a new outer membrane protein of 78 kDa when grown in the presence of desferrioxamine B under iron-limiting conditions. The desferrioxamine B-dependent iron(More)
Ribosomes translating mRNA without an in-frame stop codon (non-stop mRNA) stall at its 3' end. In eubacteria, such ribosomes are rescued by SsrA-mediated trans-translation. Recently, we have shown that Escherichia coli ArfA (formerly YhdL) also rescues stalled ribosomes by a mechanism distinct from that of trans-translation. Synthetic lethality phenotype of(More)
We demonstrated that Vibrio vulnificus M2799 utilizes aerobactin for growth as an exogenous siderophore under iron-limiting conditions, concomitant with enhanced production of the 76-kDa iron-repressible outer membrane protein. Subsequently, by applying the Fur titration assay method to the M2799 genomic libraries followed by further cloning of the regions(More)
A previous investigation using the Fur titration assay system showed that Vibrio parahaemolyticus possesses a gene encoding a protein homologous to IutA, the outer-membrane receptor for ferric aerobactin in Escherichia coli. In this study, a 5.6 kb DNA region from the V. parahaemolyticus WP1 genome was cloned and two entire genes, iutA and alcD homologues,(More)
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