Hiro-omi Uchida

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BACKGROUND Abundant fossils from the Ediacaran and Cambrian showing cnidarian grade grossly suggest that cnidarian diversification occurred earlier than that of other eumetazoans. However, fossils of possible soft-bodied polyps are scanty and modern corals are dated back only to the Middle Triassic, although molecular phylogenetic results support the idea(More)
Thin films of Bi-based perovskite ferroelectrics BiFeO<sub>3</sub> is recently recognized as strong candidates for alternatives to toxic Pb-based ferroelectrics such as conventional Pb(Zr,Ti)O<sub>3</sub>. Authors fabricated BiFeO<sub>3</sub> thin films with excellent performance of ferroelectric polarization by ion modification based on sol-gel technique.(More)
Thin films of BiFeO<sub>3</sub>0-BiScO<sub>3</sub> (BFO-BSO) solid-solution were fabricated for improving electrical resistivity of BiFeO<sub>3</sub>-based films by replacing electrically-unstable Fe<sup>3+</sup> for stable Sc<sup>3+</sup>. The films with chemical composition of Bi(Fe<sub>1-x</sub>, Sc<sub>x</sub>)O<sub>3</sub> were fabricated on(More)
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